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Everyone can travel to Bordeaux but few can discover the real secrets that the Bordeaux wine world hides.

Millésime privé offers tailor-made trips in all budget classes with themed Bordeaux wines. For example, treat yourself to a castle visit followed by a cruise on the Arcachon Lake.


Lazenne sells polystyrene guards that are both cheap and durable. Perfect for transporting wine (or olive oil, beer, etc.) as checked baggage when traveling by airplane.

I have transported several hundred bottles without a single one being broken. Enter the code VINOLOGIE10OFF to get -10% on your order, why not deliver directly to your hotel in France?


ShopFrenchy offers high quality products made by talented passionate French.

Visit their website to meet the French "Savoir-Faire" with many innovative and original French brands, including the practical and elegant bottle holder "La Bouclée" that I use extensively.

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