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The history of Vinology is my passion for wine.

My name is Emmanuel, I am a French born in Alsace, a region in eastern France famous for its fine white wines and great culinary culture. Food and wine have always been of great importance in my family and this interest led me to choose to educate myself as a sommelier alongside my studies in business school.

My wine journey 2001-2004

Through my years as a student at the EM Lyon business school, I got the chance to be part of the wine tasting association Sup´de Coteaux. A fantastic time where I learned a lot by meeting many producers around Beaujolais, Burgundy and of course in the Rhône valley.

Few students can boast that they got to drink Château d'Yquem, champagne from Ruinart or do a vertical tasting of 15 different Lagrange vintages for just 5 euros. Only those who were lucky enough to get a seat on our coveted wine tastings, often their first meeting with prestigious wines, especially for exchange students (Norwegians was always first !).

I was so enamored in the wine world that I followed the sommelier course alongside my regular studies even though I decided to apply for a job in the industry and not in the wine world itself as many of my peers did.


After moving back to Lyon, I, my wife and friends attended the "Le Défi de Bacchus" wine competition, which I founded with my comrades in 2002. We took home an unexpected second place in 2007 where the competition was held at Paul Bocuse's Abbaye de Collonges.

Many hours were also spent at Antic Wine in the old town of Lyon where Georges Dos Santos aka. Jojo "The flying sommelier" taught me a lot.

I often spent time with the Swedish association in Lyon. Midsummer was then celebrated in the middle of the Beaujolais area at the Castle of Vaurenard. I learned Swedish at Lyon University with Kerstin Lindsten and decided to move to Sweden.

From 2012 to today ...

Soon after I arrived in Sweden, during the Beaujolais Nouveau night in 2012, I met Sophie Maillard, a Frenchwoman who had a vision to introduce the pastry "canelé" in Sweden.

I helped getting the alcohol license at her cafe at St. Eriksgatan and had to build up a wine menu from scratch, an exciting experience !

Soon, we regularly had wine tastings going on both for private and corporate customers.

Since 2019, the café has changed owner and I have therefore decided to start Vinologie with the aim to offer my services to all French wine amateurs in Sweden.

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